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Every orphan needs a dad, so why not use Billy’s?  He’s in the bush somewhere, so Billy leads his new friends into the never–never to find him: nine young shoeless orphans, ten if you include Amber, plus four dogs and a baby kangaroo.
What could possibly go wrong? How about a kidnapping? A spear–pointed stand–off with the police? Or what about a run–in with a dangerous gang?
You might need oxygen for this one because it’s going to leave you breathless.
“Oh–my–word, Gary. This is ABSOLUTELY brilliant. ” Dorothy, Africa
“This is a HILARIOUS scene!!! Never in my reading years …” Heather, Australia
“Mayhem and well deserved revenge. Loved it.” Anne, Australia



This step–by–step guidebook walks you through the mechanics of setting up an Email Capture system for Authors.
• Permafree
• Preparing Mailchimp forms
• The web pages you need to create
• File hosting for downloading ebooks
• Newsletter strategies
• Traffic generation
You’ll have an automated system in place for generating sales and reviews in no time at all, without the uncertainty of wondering.