Unlimited Tweet Generator
Tweet Generator

Unlimited Tweet Generator mixes an unlimited number of brackets, producing as many hashtags as you can fit into your 140 character tweet limit.
Tweet example:
Great book http://… #one #two #three #four #five #six #seven #eight #nine etc
That many hastags will spread your message to many millions of people generating a truly astonishing amount of traffic.

Tweet Generator mixes up to 4 sets of brackets, producing a maximum of 3 hashtags per tweet, including your original message.
Tweet example:
Great book http://… #one #two #three
You’ll be surprised by how far those three hashtags will spread your message, though obviously not as far as more hashtags will.

Please choose the Generator you wish to subscribe to carefully because if you decide to upgrade, there is no prorated discount for the upgrade from your original subscription.

Level Price  
Tweet Generator - 3 months $4.95 now.
Membership expires after 95 Days.
Tweet Generator - 1 Year $9.95 now.
Membership expires after 370 Days.
Unlimited Tweet Generator - 1 year $19.95 now.
Membership expires after 370 Days.
Unlimited Tweet Generator - 3 years $39.95 now.
Membership expires after 1105 Days.

Special Bonus for all subscribers: When you generate your tweets, often two hundred at a time, sometimes thousands, some will be longer than 140 characters. You’ll have to highlight and delete each one individually because Twitter won’t accept them. As a special bonus for subscribers, you get a piece of HTML code that you can use in your Find and Replace function of your text editing program to delete all lines longer that 140 characters. It’s a massive time saver and worth the subscription in itself! Plus, you can change it from 140 characters to say, 138 characters if you wish.