A gripping tale of life in the Australian bush where survival is a daily battle …
Where Two Rivers meet is an interesting novel about life.
It describes the joys and hardships of families in Australia during the 1890s.
As you read you’ll discover how Tom’s and Ross’s families met and face the challenges of life when building their properties in the Australian bush and how life changes for them.
Journey with Tom as Ross vows to help him find his family after being separated from them due to his father’s death.
See how Tom discovers a great love for God through Ross. Tom’s life takes many interesting twists and turns but through a strong abiding faith both men will come out on top as winners.

You won’t put this book down before the last word. A great new author and a fascinating introduction to Australian Literature. Valerie Munroe, Australia

A totally readable book which becomes a practical aid in facing the battles of ordinary life. Maureen Turner, Australia

Set in the 1890s Peter Damen gives us a glimpse of the hardship and complexities of life in outback Australia. An intriguing story of life, love and family, which makes great reading for all. Major Eva Phillips, Chaplain


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